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Friday, August 24, 2012

Reno Here I Come!

Hello Family!!
This has been another great week at the MTC! And it just flew by! Before I get into details, I got my itinerary for the flight to Reno this coming TUESDAY, I can't believe it's coming up so soon. My flight leaves at 8:30am Tuesday morning, which means arriving in Reno just after 9 am- quick trip :) Anyways, we are allowed/required to call our family in the airport. So mom expect an early call that morning!! I'm not sure how it all works if I can make more than one call or not... Anyways, I am SUPER EXCITED to get out into the field. I'm not sure how ready I feel to teach real investigators, but as Elder Neil L Andersen quoted to us at our devotional last Tuesday: "Do your duty, that is best, leave unto the Lord the rest." Ready or not, here I go!
Have I told you that I really really like the MTC? :) I am starting to get better at speaking more when we are teaching 'investigators'. Yesterday at zone teaching we practiced teaching and each missionary could only speak for a minute and a half at most before letting the other missionary speak. That was probably the best teaching experience I have had so far. When I know that I have to talk it is so much easier to work with the other missionary and add to what they are teaching, and there is a great spirit of unity (for this I wasn't with my companion, we are paired up with other missionaries in our zone during these teaching experiences).
We taught our TRC investigator Barbara for the last time last night. We ended up only getting to talk to her for 5 min instead of 15, but it was a GREAT experience. The last time we taught her we tried to invite her to pray, but she was very uncomfortable with the idea. So we invited her to pray after we left and for her to continue reading the Book of Mormon. She read about Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life and told us she was really confused, but she had the impression to keep reading, keep reading (like finding nemo- just keep swimming) so she did and later Nephi receives the explanation for Lehi's vision, to her this was just what she needed because she came to realize that just because she didn't understand at one point in her reading doesn't mean she won't understand later on. In 1 Nephi 10 it also talks about how Nephi prayed to the Lord to receive the explanation for his father's vision. So, Barbara prayed with us. The spirit was so strong in that lesson. I felt so much joy and love for Barbara, I'm sad that we don't have the opportunity to teach her anymore.
Mom, you asked about my immunizations- I am going to turn it in today, I will find out then if they have everything they need. And about the temple, we get to go on our P-day (so today). we went last week with most of our district and did a session. I think that was the most comforting experience I have had in the temple. The familiarity and the peace. And the Provo temple is SO BIG! I can't imagine what Salt Lake must be like.
Kara- you should be proud of me, for gym we played sand volleyball a couple of times with our district, and I'm not the worst on the team! haha! Yes, I actually go for the ball and hit it. So I'm improving little by little :)
Jamie- tell Lily thank you for the pics she sent a while ago, I forgot to say that in the last e-mail. And I hope that your family is more accident free-this week than last week.
Thank you everyone for the letters! Please keep sending them. I wish I could message you all individually but time is running short! And I wish I had time to tell you more about the MTC! I have been eating more than I probably should and I try eating healthy and I actually like most of what they have here, but I don't have snacks during the day so I figure it all evens out in the end :)
Love you all!
Sister Goodwin

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