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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lori Enters the MTC

 I, Rachel (Goodwin) Hair, am now taking over the blog for Lori to record her experiences on her mission.  She went into the MTC (Missionary Training Center) Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012 in Provo, Utah.  She will be there for 3 weeks preparing to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people she'll meet in Reno. Here she is saying her last goodbyes with my mom, dad, and Kara.  It's only letters and email from here on out for 18 months.  She does get to call home on Christmas and Mother's Day.
 Is she really old enough to be a missionary?! I can hardly believe it. I know she is going to do an amazing job.
 Jana and Lori
 Lori and Kara
 Jana, Lori, and Kara. Isn't it great we're all about the same height. Wish I could've been there!  Also, I love the hair color combo.

 Lori with Kate and Daylen.  She is setting a wonderful example for her nieces and nephews.
Mom, Lori, and Dad
Lori with her escorts.  BYE EVERYONE!!! SEE YOU IN 18 MONTHS!

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