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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lori on BIKES!

 Lori and her new bike! Her new mode of transportation
 Cool tire swing she saw while tracting...I'll have to tell her you can get those at Tractor Supply
 Two girls she knew in the MTC
Lori's new companion

Hi mom!  The weather is cool in the mornings but pretty warm in the afternoon probably high 60s low 70s maybe. I got sunburned in sparks on Saturday. My new companion/trainee is Sister F------. She is awesome! She's from Alaska! Grew up pretty much on a dairy farm, she loves sports, is 20 years old, almost got married but decided that a mission was right for her. She reminds me alot of Sydney, and honestly is probably my favorite companion so far. She is also super excited to be on bikes.

OK here's my week:

This last week especially has just been nuts! At transfers on Tuesday I drove our car there and left it :( we all got our new companions and they vanned us back to Carson.... yeah it was crazy going the first 48 hours without a mode of transportation. Luckily two of the sets of sister missionaries here still have cars so that was helpful. And the ward members here are helpful as well. Thursday we had some members drive us to Reno where most of the missionaries are buying their bikes. So my trainee and I were able to get our bikes right then. But my last companion (Sister B) and her trainee had to order them, hopefully they will come in today. Then on Friday all the senior companions (sisters) went to Sparks for a leadership training and then all of us sister missionaries in Carson went to a mini mission in Sparks on Saturday, where we tracted all day, I burned, plus then I was super exhausted yesterday... and so we've hardly had any time to proselyte in our own area! I spent more time in Reno and Sparks this week than in Carson.  And I moved homes last Tuesday as so we are still trying to get all organized. So I feel a little frazzled still. But the work will continue to go forward!

Have a good week! Good luck with the wedding! Don't stress too much! I wish I could give you a massage :)
Sister Goodwin

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