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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Here are some recent pictures of Lori.  She was recently moved off the bike and into the office.  She continues to stay upbeat and has such a great attitude as a missionary.  She works so hard and has received so many blessings because of her obedience and love of the Gospel.  I know she has blessed the lives of many people she has come in contact with on her mission thus far.  I've seen her testimony grow and she never ceases to help me with mine as we write back and forth. Way to go Lil' Sis!

 Everyone in the district came to see Lori on her last day before she will be moved into the office.
 Lori and her bike.
Lori on her last day on her bike.  She said - This is the last day we will be riding through the cow pasture!

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