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Monday, March 18, 2013

Waterfall Hike

Hi mom!

This week has been crazy! President left it up to us to decide where we are going to split the missionary work in this ward. So we had to decide what areas we are now going to cover! That means saying bye to half the people I've been working with! :(

Plus figuring out how we are going to work everything out on bikes! And getting everything we need for our bikes. I don't think I have felt so stressed as I have for the past week. Well, I guess this is our reward for doing a good job here... hah! We found out at the trainer meeting (I told you I'm training again right? My mind is all over the place right now) that we are the first Sister missionaries in this mission to be put on bikes. I'm kinda freaking out just a little bit... My stomach has been fine lately though as long as I stay away from too much sugar and milk as always. A lady in the ward gave me a jar of almond butter so I use that instead of peanut butter.

We taught 20 lessons this week so we reached our goal of 100 lessons for the transfer!!!
One of our less actives was going through a hard time, but instead of turning to a bottle of wine she called us and we went over to help comfort her. That was a great blessing to us, knowing that she was willing to turn to the things that will make her happy, rather than the things that only numb the pain temporarily. And she got a blessing on Sunday!

I'm glad you guys were able to go through the temple with Kara! Good luck with the rest of the preparations for the wedding!

I love you!
Sister Lori Goodwin

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