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Monday, December 3, 2012

Remember Christ Everyday

 Change the "his" to "her" and it's perfect for Lori
 Lori in the church parking lot...in the pouring rain
Decorating the Zone Leaders car as a prank on P-Day
 Ward Christmas Party

Hello family!!
Can you believe it is December already!! Crazy! We got a ton of rain this last weekend which is very abnormal for Nevada! The church parking lot looked like a swimming pool!
So this week I had a new experience- we went to visit a less active member, and well he wouldn't shake our hands, he cussed us out, and threw us off of his property. Yes, very welcoming as you can see. The rest of the week was better than that! We had 2 lessons with I---, we have taught her pretty much everything and are now preparing for her baptism on the 15th! Yay!

We should have had a lesson with G---- yesterday, but she was with her grandma and her parents didn't know when she would be back. So, we visited with her parents- they really like having missionaries over, but I don't think they would admit it to us. So we shared with them the Christmas story out of the Book of Mormon. If you didn't know it was in there, read 1 Nephi 11.
And we have a new investigator!! Yay! Her name is P----, she is a friend of one of the families in our ward. We went to her apartment and watched the Christmas devotional. We asked her what she thought of it and she mentioned a few things that stuck out to her- about being willing to not only give but to receive also and I can't remember at the moment what else she said. Then we talked about how we can be together with our families forever, and how baptism washes away all our sins, even at her age (in her 60s probably) and she just had a look of such relief on her face when we told her that. And she told us herself that she thinks she is ready to listen! GOLDEN!! I am so excited to get to know her better and teach her the gospel! I am just amazed, my testimony is strengthened as I share with others the things that I have known all my life, that I have taken for granted.

I know that the gospel that I have to share with others is THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! He is the center of everything that we teach, we would have no hope if it were not for his atoning sacrifice! I am so grateful for this Christmas season that we can remember the birth of our Savior even more and feel the "Christmas spirit." Remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas- remember Christ everyday, for the miracle He is for each and every one of us.
I love you all! Thank you for the support you are to me! Have a great week!
Sister Goodwin

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