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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lori is Training!

Hello family!

How is the new year going for you all so far? This week has been a new experience for me! At transfers on Tuesday I met my trainee! Her name is Sister B---------, she is 26 and is from Salt Lake City. Not exactly what I was expecting, but that's what the mission is all about- expect the unexpected. Training is definitely a new experience and requires ALOT of patience. But, it is a rewarding experience.

We had some really good lessons this week. And a new investigator! Her name is S----- and her husband, C------, is a less active member. They were talking to C------'s brother (who is on a mission) and S----- became interested in learning more about the church! SWEET! So we had a really good lesson and are going back tonight to teach about the Restoration.

Also, the day of transfers, Sister G------and I went over to a member's home, she is a member but her husband is not. He has had some not so good experiences with pushy missionaries, I think. But we decided to invite him to read the Book of Mormon, to find out for himself if it is true. We told him that it was his decision and that we wanted him to sincerely read and pray bout it. And he said he would!! I'm not sure if we were more happy or his wife :)

Another experience this week, the Spanish sister missionaries phone stopped working so they had been using ours when we would run into each other. Well, one night the Zone Leaders had finally got a new phone from the mission office for them. So they texted us and said that if we could find the sisters then they could get the phone that night. So we said a prayer that we would be able to find them. I only knew where one Hispanic family lives that they visit, and I knew that they had just visited them a few days before. But, I felt like that was where we should go. So we stopped by the sister's apartment first because we were close and they weren't there. Then, we headed over to this family's home. And there the sisters were! They had just been talking about how they hoped that some way they could find us to use our phone, and right then was when we knocked on the door!! Whoa!

That's all for now! Have a great week!
Sister Goodwin

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