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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This week has seemed like it's been a year.... haha we have been so busy but it's been good! We taught 22 lessons :) 
I'll just try to pick out some of the highlights though! 
S------ and C------ are great as always. S-------- had her baptismal interview so we are super excited to see her get baptized on Saturday! 
We taught an inactive lady and her non-member husband the first lesson as our "thought" after having dinner in their home. 
We have a recent convert who can't come to church because of her job, but she is interviewing this week for a new job! And we taught her non-member husband and daughter the first lesson! We have been trying to get the husband to listen to us since I got here, and he came to church BY HIMSELF yesterday! 
There is a less active couple we are teaching, the wife has never said a prayer out loud as long as I've been here. I had her promise to say one before I left. Well, we were in gospel essentials yesterday and she was asked to say the prayer AND SHE DID!! I almost jumped up and ran over to hug her- but I constrained myself. 
And we had ward council yesterday- for the first time they really listened to us and put forth the effort to help us! 

We are told as missionaries that we are to leave the areas where we serve, better than when we found them. As I was sitting in church yesterday I felt that confirmation from the Holy Ghost that I have already helped make this area better. The ward members (active and less active) and the yet to be members. I have seen so much change happen here in the people that I am just amazed that the Lord trusted me with this part of His vineyard, to help the work go forth!! 
I love this gospel and I love seeing how it blesses the lives of those who choose to accept it! 
I love you so much! Thank you for all you have taught me and in your efforts to guide me to do what the Lord wants me to do. You have always been one of the greatest examples to me of how Christ wants us to treat others and help the people around us. 
I love you so much!!! 

Sister Goodwin 

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